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Foreign Nationals Loan

About This Project

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they liveriver named Duden flows by their place.
Loan Type:Business Purpose 2nd
Loan Purpose:Purchase & Sell
Amount Granted:$650,000

3681 Ranch Lane is located in Dallas Texas and sits on a 15 acre lot. The property was originally purchased in 2017 with the purpose of upgrading its kitchen and master suite and selling it at a higher value. The real estate investor was having a hard time acquiring capital with traditional banks. The traditional banks were not seeing his vision and willing to take the risk on his project.

After Aegis Funding provided him the right capital, the investor got to work, upgraded the kitchen, expanded the master suite and sold the house at $25k above asking price and made a 22% return on his initial investment.

Loan Scenerio

This is where I would give a brief summary of what the loan scenario was for the borrower. User verbiage and words that you would like other borrowers to know and get an idea of what Aegis Funding can do for them and their projects. Make it friendly, stress free and finish it with a great ending to give them a good visual.

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The Outcome

This text area is optional so summarize the loan. Maybe give some details as the the amount of time the borrower took to re-pay the loan. If the original terms were 12 months and the borrower received money, completed the project and sold it in 4 months and paid you back on the 5th month. I would include that time frame to let other borrowers know that they don’t have to wait long to re-pay the loan.

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