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Aegis Funding Investor

We are thrilled and excited that you are interested in becoming an investor with us. We are proud of being able to offer, deliver and maintain a 9% preferred return rate to all of our investors. As any new venture, we encourage all of our new investors to ask questions, schedule a one on one with myself and we would be more than happy to provide references to investors who have given us permission to share their information. We look forward to having you on board!

President & Fund Manager

Investors Ratings

Don't take our word for it, this is what our investors are saying about our fund.
>9% Preferred Rate100%
Continue to Contribute to Fund70%
Fund Satisfaction100%
Investor Referrals80%

Why invest with us

If you are researching alternative investments, know that not all pool managers are the same. On a typical day you will find Jason fully immersed in the day-to-day activities of the mortgage pool, speaking with borrowers, brokers within our network, secondary market partners, potential new partners, and of course, our established partners in the pool. 

Jason says, “Being involved gives me the ability to keep my finger on the pulse and better gauge when it’s necessary to adjust loan products or pivot in another direction. I have an amazing staff who is equally as committed to the pool’s success. The mortgage pool would not perform the way it does without their commitment and support.”

9% Preferred Return Rate

We have an obligation to all our investor to continue to deliver a minimum of 9% yield on your return. We are proud of our track record.

Fund Rating

Our fund has been rated 9 stars out of 10 with the Real Estate Mortgage Pool People that give stars to mortgage funds that are doing well.

Industry Partners

We strategically partner with industry related partners that can help us navigate murky waters when dealing with properties all over the US.

Annual Fund Audit

Every year our fund undergoes a 3rd party audit that allows all investors to view with clear transparency our bank accounts and numbers.

Protected Loans

We know how important it is to secure and protect your money, this is why all our loans are protected by real estate assets.

Monthly Statement

Each investor will receive a monthly statement for each account, the statement allows you to monitor the progress of the fund.


Words From Investors

  • Our family has been an investor with Aegis Funding since 2015. Jason and Brina with Aegis have always been courteous, professional and extremely knowledgeable about the business of lending. The Company is simply outstanding and responsive to our needs and we will continue to invest with them.

    Robert B.
    Private Investor
  • As a Real Estate Broker with a career of 40 years I have been investing with Aegis Funding for approximately 3 years. My wife and I have invested in both the Managed Aegis Fund and have purchased the beneficial interest in multiple Notes during this time period. They have delivered on the preferred 9% rate that they have set for their annual goal for every month that we’ve been associated with the Aegis Fund. We have also realized all the payments on the notes which were purchased and have had the pleasure of seeing all of them perform to the terms set out for those Notes. We received our payments and eventual payoffs of these loans as they were set out to perform. The best that we could hope for on our investments have been realized and we have been well rewarded putting out trust into these investments. They have also been very easy to contact when I have questions or look to invest further with their company.

    Cliff C.
    Real Estate Broker

Schedule a One-on-One

Whether its via a phone call, in person or through a video chat. We encourage you to schedule a one-on-one open discussion appointment with us.

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