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We Want To Be Your Private Money Lender

Our reputation in cooperating with other brokers is the heart of our business, and it has allowed us to create a broader loan program and become the private money lender of choice.

Tired of wondering where to send your turndowns? Does your bank have lending parameters that are too tight? Are you unsure where you can send your clients that have nowhere else to go? We love working with professional brokers and lenders that have clients that would normally get a conventional loan but now, due to tighter restrictions, have to use a bridge loan or a hard money loan.

Our funding is typically done within 3 to 5 business days. Smart investors can utilize private money loans to make an all-cash offer at a discount and beat out the competition, and refinance the loan with a traditional bank at a later date once the property is secured. Regardless of your client’s strategy, Aegis Funding can assist you in realizing your client’s real estate goals. Our services are risk free – with no upfront fees or contracts.

Our Process

1. Review Loan Scenerio

We treat each scenario individually and look at the loan as a whole.

2. Provide Loan Decision

95% of the time we are able to provide a decision within 24 hours of loan scenario.

3. Fund Loan

After proper documentation and signatures, we can typically fund most loans within 3-5 business days.

4. Pay Broker Commission

As soon as the loan is funded, our brokers get their commission right away.

Evaluating Each Project

Not all projects and capital needs are the same. We treat all our clients with the respect and time they each deserve. We don’t believe in a “one-size fits all” scenario or in bundles. Our experience in this industry has thought us to focus on three key items in order to asses the proper evaluation. 

Property Equity

We base our decision of funding your loan on the value of the property and its equity.

Repayment Ability

Based on the financial and property documents we determine your ability to repay back the loan.

Exit Strategy

Each loan serves a different purpose, this is why we evaluate your property exit strategy carefully.

What type of real estate can my client finance with a Private Money Loan?

We help finance any type of real estate – We even can help you with land deals or speciality properties – such as short-tenancy residential.


Retail Property

Commercial Property

Office Building

What if my client's credit is really bad?

Credit matters less in private lending because private money loans are asset based. Traditional banks focus on the person borrowing the money, private money loans are focused on the real estate.

How fast can my client get a loan?

The major advantage of a private money loan over a traditional bank loan is speed. Bank loans take weeks to get funded. We can finance you in a matter of days. Get qualified within 6 hours and funded as fast as 3 days from applying.

Will my client's rate be really high?

Private money loans typically have higher interest rates than banks loans. Final rates and fees vary based on the underwriting of the asset. There are no fees to apply and no upfront costs.

Do you offer broker commission?

We follow and are subject to RESPA guidelines for activities regulating referring broker commissions.

We are here to help!

We are committed to honoring our referral network and to paying out the highest referral fees in the business.

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