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Dennis Doss is the principal at Doss Law and the Head of International Arbitration Practice. Dennis specializes in consulting clients in the area of real estate trade, and representing their interests in international commercial arbitrations of real estate.

Dennis is the leader of the Working Group on International Legal & Real Estate Board in California at the American Chamber of Commerce. He is also the Committee Head of the Permanent Scientific Committee of IFA. During 2011 Dennis served as the Co-Chair of the Legal Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce and was the member of the working group on VAT reform at the Ministry of Finance of LA County.

Prior to joining Doss Law, Dennis worked in the UK at an international law firm.

Pratice Areas

  • Estate Planning
  • Business and Corporate Law
  • Contract Law
  • Real Estate Law

Education & Bar Admission

BA, Columbia College; 2001

Master of Law, 2007. UK University

Admitted to the Bar since 2013

Member of the International Bar Association

Member of the London City Bar Association

Speaker of GAFTA Professional Development Programmes

Pratice Areas

Leading lawyer in London for Dispute Resolution

The Legal500 (2015 – 2018)

Leading lawyer in London for Family law

Legal Awards 2016

The best team in London for International Trade

Legal Awards 2018

Leading lawyer in London for Private clients practice The

Legal500 2018

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