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Brina Romero

Operations Manager

Email Brina@AegisFunding.com

Phone +1-714-465-4611 x 204


Having worked with Jason for 12 years, Brina has also been a key part of Aegis Funding since they opened their doors.  She works very closely alongside Jason daily to ensure operations and servicing run smoothly. Brina’s role is one where she wears many hats!  She is most satisfied when providing excellent service to our investors, brokers, and borrowers.  Her dedication is apparent in the ownership she exemplifies on each file and her continuous goal to strengthen and improve all client relationships. 

Brina earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology from California State University Long Beach and a Master of Science in Education in Multiculturalism from California State University Dominguez Hills.  In her free time, she is kept busy with her two very active young children.  When she is not volunteering with local non-profit organizations, or spending time with family, she enjoys running and crafting.

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