Welcome to Aegis Funding. We’re a very broker-friendly source for funds.

Most of our loans come from our valued network of referring brokers. By referring to us your turndowns and other hard-to-place loans, you can provide your client with funding options and earn a referring broker fee in the process. At Aegis Funding, we are committed to honoring our referral network and to paying out the highest referral fees in the business. With Aegis Funding, you always keep your client, and you get paid on every loan to a client that you bring to us.

A loan application referred to us should typically include the following:

  • Completed 1003/1008
  • Recent Appraisal
  • Credit Report
  • Preliminary Title Report

We can generally give you a verbal indication of interest, followed by a Letter of Interest, within a very short period of time (sometimes at the initial call). Our funding is typically within 3 to 10 business days from receipt of all material listed above.

And, unlike many other private lenders, we don’t force you to fill out a bunch of forms for the privilege of sharing your client and doing business with us.  We respect your time, and we make the referral process clean and easy.
We will consider 2nd as well as 1st position loans. Our maximum loan-to-value is typically 80% of the appraised (and reviewed) value for refinances and 80% of the purchase price on acquisition loans.
Our lending program focuses on these three key items:

  • The real equity in a given property,
  • The ability of the borrower to service the new loan, and
  • The borrowers’ exit strategy (how will they repay the loan?)

At Aegis Funding, we won’t waste your time.  If we can’t help your client, we’ll gladly refer you to a private lender who may.  
*Subject to RESPA guidelines for activities regulating referring broker commissions.