Aegis Funding was formed in 2013 to fill the noticeable void in affordable private money financing.

Here at Aegis Funding we want to be the premiere lender in private money financing and non-traditional loans.

For 28 years, and well over 3,000 completed transactions, Jason has been licensed to perform real estate sales, mortgage origination, and mortgage banking transactions. He’s developed a system, based on experience, to not only thoroughly underwrite any type of transaction, but also streamline and automate processes for loan servicing; including all necessary precautions for total asset protection.
Jason is well versed in secondary markets; utilizing his financial background to maximize yields to the mortgage pool. His years of REO experience help to mitigate risk and potential loss on any problems that might arise during the loan process. When asked what his role is, Jason responds: “Look, I am a heavily vested partner in this mortgage pool. I protect the funds in the pool as if they were my own.
That is my main role and my number one purpose in this company. Secondary to that, I’m looking to originate equity protected loans and work the secondary markets to maximize the final yield of the mortgage pool. If you look around this industry, nobody is offering a 9% preferred return rate; yet we’ve been able to exceed that since inception in 2014. That’s exciting. My third role, which brings me the most gratification, even over and beyond the >9% yield, is truly making a difference and helping others. Whether it’s helping an investor purchase a fix & flip, which ultimately improves a community or neighborhood; giving a borrower access to the equity in their real estate portfolio as they are working through a financial hardship; or most importantly, continuing the charity work we’re able to do within our mortgage pool. Many people are not aware of this, but we have over a dozen charity partners invested in our mortgage pool. I would never take the credit for the generosity of others, but it certainly feels good to know that the dividends we are able to produce are going directly to these charities and further assist them in the great work they do.”

If you are researching alternative investments, know that not all pool managers are the same. On a typical day you will find Jason fully immersed in the day-to-day activities of the mortgage pool, speaking with borrowers, brokers within our network, secondary market partners, potential new partners, and of course, our established partners in the pool. Jason says, “Being involved gives me the ability to keep my finger on the pulse and better gauge when it’s necessary to adjust loan products or pivot in another direction. I have an amazing staff who is equally as committed to the pool’s success. The mortgage pool would not perform the way it does without their commitment and support.” If you’re looking for asset protection, a great yield on your investment, and a little joy from helping others, then look no further. You’ve found it with Aegis Asset Backed Securities, LLC.